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 Lets talk shiplap. I know many of you may be tired of it but I still love it and this is a common question both my husband and I get asked about often. Below I will show the materials we use and the easiest way to do it. This is our dinning room, the first room we put up shiplap three almost four years ago. Jason installs it himself and with this particular room he painted it, sprayed it to be exact. It is by far the best looking ship lap in the house. I think it looks so good when it is painted with a paint sprayer vs. a paint brush and roller.  I found this out after I rolled a shiplap wall in the kitchen.   Ok, let's move onto the material we use. To get the best bang for our buck we buy a 4' by 8' sheet of plywood that is 1/4" thick. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get the guys at Lowes to cut in down into planks for you for free but other times they say they are not suppose to do that. More than likely you will have to cut them down yourself but its always wor

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