Lifestyle Shoot 2018

You guys, it has been 10 months since we have been in our home and I finally managed to have a lifestyle shoot happen.  What a season that was, living in the travel trailer while trying to remodel.  I have definitely had better ideas but we got through it and all the hard work paid off.  So here it is, us in this season and our freshly remodeled farm style house.

Here is a look at the kitchen.
With the kitchen, we kept the original layout just updated things.  We put in concrete countertops and quartz on the island top that resembles marble.  The cabinets were painted white and we added a thin brick to the backsplash.  Behind the sink, we took down the shelves and added open shelving.  Jason wanted to experiment with concrete on the walls for an idea he has in the master bathroom, it looks pretty but I would like to add white shiplap eventually to brighten up the kitchen a bit more.

 The shelves were made by Mettle and Wood, the lumber came from Jason's family mill.

Our dining room is right off the kitchen and a favorite place that we all gather.  I try my best for us to share breakfast and dinner here most days.  This space is filled with light and the walls are covered in shiplap thanks to Jason.  The table was created from the same slab we used for our kitchen island and I purchased the legs off of etsy.

Next up is the living room.  
As you can see this space is an open concept for the most part.


Master Bedroom 

Boys Room

Sisters Room

The kid's bathroom is a favorite that didn't get photographed and we are still saving up to update ours.  I will share their bathroom soon and the outside of the house as we have filled our envelope and started making updates on the exterior. 
Thank you Erin Milnik for capturing these images for us.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Great job!! ♥️♥️♥️

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