The Barrel Sauna

It happened! After talking about how much he wanted a sauna and researching for months, my husband finally pulled the trigger and created a little oasis off of our master bedroom. Ok ok I must admit I really enjoy it too. He likes to do the full experience with a 15 minute sauna session followed by an ICE bath and then warming up by the fire-pit. Then two more rounds of the exact same thing, like I said it is an experience and it takes a while when you do it that way. While I enjoy doing it his way I think my favorite time to get in the sauna is right after I work out.

There are so many health benefits with the sauna such as better sleep, eliminating toxins, cardiovascular health and improving the skin. Not only have we enjoyed these health benefits but our sauna has been a form of hospitality. Inviting family and friends over to sauna has been a great way for us to spend quality time while reaping some health benefits at the same time. It's a win win. 

This particular sauna is a barrel sauna with a dry/wet heater. The heater creates dry heat and when water is poured on the rocks in the heater it creates steam. The steam makes you sweat and causes unwanted toxins to leave the body. 

We purchased the sauna off of eBay and Jason built it within a few hours. Before building the sauna he ran electrical and poured the concrete to create a nice place to relax. Originally I had bought the privacy screens for our stock tank pool but I ended up moving them to this space. For the cold tub he picked up a galvanized trough from our local Tractor Supply. I will link the items in this space below if anyone is interested in them.

So tell me, have you ever done the sauna experience?


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