Stock Tank Pool

Back in the cooler months, I started a little envelope with the words "Stock Tank Pool," written on the front.  I knew once summer hit I wanted a place for our family to cool off and a big inground pool just wasn't in our budget at this time. Well the warmer months have slowly rolled in and that envelope was full so we started creating a little fun summer spot in our breezeway.

The stock tank pool idea first grabbed my attention on a favorite Instagram account I follow which then lead me down the Instagram rabbit hole to a great tutorial from Sun Woven's Blog. I highly recommend checking out her youtube video for the step by step process. Anyways, I love how ours turned out. I painted the pool and my husband installed the filter, it was a team effort and actually really simple. Hopefully, this space will hold many fun summer days, sunkissed skin, and all of the tasty La Croix's.

We purchased the stock tank pool from Tractor Supply and I ordered all the filter parts off of the internet, mostly Amazon. Next, I painted the exterior of the pool a rich black color by Behr, the color is called Carbon. Behind the pool are three metal privacy screens with a fun pattern. We have five acres but unfortunately can still see our neighbor's house from the location I decided to put the pool so I wanted something to block me while I was hanging around in my swimsuit. They really bring some character to space and provide just the right amount of privacy. The final thing that was on my list for this space were some comfy chairs. I'm still adding accessories slowly but couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

I will post all of the links to the items I have in this space below.
Happy Summer Friends!

Stock Tank Pool Parts:

Stock Tank Pool
Pool Filter
Parts for the filter (valves)
Rubber Washer
Strainer Nut
Strainer Connector
Threaded Strainer Connector
Chlorine dispenser

Decor Items:

Metal Privacy Screens
Adirondack Chairs
Side Table
Stripe Outdoor Rug (I found mine at Grocery Outlet for 29.99$ such a deal, the link is for a similar one.)
Turkish Towels
Table Tiki Torch


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