Seeking Hope

Eagerly waiting for the lilacs to open up and bloom in my parent's yard, I called my Mom every day for two weeks straight asking, "have they bloomed yet?" After what felt like forever, even though it wasn't, they finally bloomed and my heart was happy. The bloom of the lilacs gave our home a sweet aroma and my hands arranged the delicate purple flowers in vases as 
I scattered them around. 

Waiting on the lilacs to open reminds me of us all anxiously waiting for the 
world to open back up from Covid-19.   
It will be here soon. I am hopeful!
It will be a sweet aroma to a lot of us humans as the world gets back to normal.

"This is why I wait upon you, 
expecting your breakthrough, 
for your word brings me hope."

                                                        Psalms 130 TPT


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