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Hello all. 
 Just quick update on our current adventure.  We sold our home in February and it was a bit unplanned.  Jason ran across the perfect buyer and it was all over from there.  In the mean time we were living in our travel trailer for almost 12 weeks but currently upgraded to a rental home (YES).  I never thought I would be so excited to do laundry again. You see we found a rad farm style home on 5 acres but the buying process has been in the works since December. We are really learning to practice our patience over here.  The process seems to be coming to an end and fingers crossed we will start making upgrades mid May.  

I am so blown away how the Lord has provided for us on this journey.  I still can't believe this treasure of a farmhouse is going to be ours.  My design heart is so excited to fix this place up and make it our home.  The boys on the other hand are most excited about having room to build a dirt bike track. 

On another design note I wanted to give a shout out to Barn Light Electric.  I ran across their lights while we were remodeling our other home we recently sold.  My most favorite thing about the company is that they make their product right here in the USA. We were recently featured on their blog, click here to check it out.  If you have never heard of them and are into farmhouse style go check them out.  I already have my eye on a light I want to incorporate into our soon to be farmhouse fixer upper. 

I think that brings you all up to speed on our current house adventure.  Below is a picture of our future property.  Can't wait to post a tour here soon.
GOD is Good!


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