"How do we become the kind of women who have the character and wisdom to shepherd those outside our home?  By first being faithful inside our home."  
~Jeanne Harrison

To me Motherhood is full of mess, happiness, joy, tears, worry, prayer, and so much Love.  My heart bursts with thankfulness that I have been given these treasures to raise.  

Oh Ryden, you were the one who first made me a Mama.  I had no idea what the gift of motherhood was really about until you came along.  I feel so blessed and honored to be given the privilege to raise up such a fine young boy.  You love Jesus with your whole heart, you are a hard worker, love to be goofy and laugh, have a gift of music, a natural leader, and constantly teach your father and I what it means to be slow to anger.  Love you Red!  Thanks for making me a Mama.

Violet, my wildflower.  You are a true gift from God, the daughter I always dreamed of having.  I refer to you as my tom-princess, always keeping up with the boys but never neglecting your girly side.  You are our little prayer warrior, twirling and dancing where ever you go, and you love to write songs about Jesus.  From a young age your love language has been very evident (touch and words of affirmation).  I pray you stay confident and brave in everything you do and find your worth in the Lord.  Love you sweet Violet!  I'm honored to be your Mama. 

Maverick, "Bubbers" as Violet calls you. You are truly a bundle of JOY.  Your smile is contagious and everywhere we go you draw people to you.  Our nights still may be sleepless but I wouldn't trade you for the world.  I am so happy we decided to have another baby.  This past Mother's Day we dedicated you to the Lord and wrote the following vows to you.  

Maverick as we dedicate you to the Lord we commit to guide and model Christ like character daily.  We will strive to be parents and siblings that point you towards Jesus so when you are grown you will have Him close to your heart. We pray you always find your worth and help in the Lord.  Maverick, we are honored the Lord has entrusted us to be your parents and commit to do our best to raise you in His will. 

I know they say the days are long and the years are short.  So with that in mind my prayer is in these short years I can do my best to raise you three to be extraordinary adults who love Jesus with your whole heart.

Cheers to Motherhood!


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