Birthday Party for sister!

      Violet requested a trolls dance party with her gal pals this year.  I must confess she has never had a "friends" party.  I typically just organize a family party with all her cousins and grandparents and call it good.  For her 7th Birthday she begged for a party with her girlfriends so I decided to make that happen for her.  Since we are still displaced and don't really have a home we decided to have it at a local warehouse called Port.  This place is ideal for a party or event if you don't want to deal with the mess and everything that comes with hosting at your house.  Another super convenient part about throwing it at Port is that Sierra Party Rental is literally right next door for all your party rental needs.  I definitely took advantage of that. 

      All and all the party was a success and the girls had a blast.  I loved watching Violet with all her sweet friends celebrating.

Happy 7th Birthday Violet!


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