Taking time to enjoy these moments

It feels like winter today.  As I washed the dishes from breakfast this morning, I admired the fog slowing rolling over hills to hide the view from my kitchen window.  Later the kids and I went outside to play and the tip of my nose became cold as the breeze gently blew. 
 I took a deep breath in and enjoyed the moment.

 Violet picked out some gently used shoes at the thrift store the other day, we picked them up for 50cents.  She has been begging to wear them but since it has been raining today was the first day she got to cruz around in her new kicks:)
My little fashion girl!

 It wasn't shoes that made this boy happy, it was the fact that he got to ride his scooter.


 We ended the afternoon with some Christmas crafting.
Most of my Christmas decor is simple this year.

Happy December


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