Thanksgiving break has begun.  
To celebrate we enjoyed the weather and took a walk to the park after school.
I am so thankful I am a mother to these two charming blessings.

 As of lately I realized I am way to busy. It is time to slow down and enjoy the little blessings in my life.   Life is short and I will have no regrets.  I am going to ask for forgiveness when it's needed, love with my whole heart, and be HAPPY.  A mentor recently told me I need to have feathers like a duck, and let the stuff that is not important just roll off.  
Amen to that.

 Lets celebrate.
  It is thanksgiving and my cup is overflowing with goodness.
I am healthy, know and love Jesus, happily married, have two thriving kids, and family and friends who make my life all that much better.

Hope everyone enjoys this season of family and friends!
We are planning too:)


  1. Yes we all can get caught up in life's busyiness. Its nice to slow down and just enjoy life and its seasonS!


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