Every season has fruit...

The leaves are changing, apples are at their peek, and life is busier than ever.
Our family has been going non stop the last few weeks and although it may be a little exhausting we are really enjoying this season of life.

I have been extra blessed as my photography business has really started blooming and my husband in this tough economy has managed to keep himself working wherever he can.
 Besides our work and family life we have decided to really plug back in at our home church. 
 After our last interview process in Colorado we feel it is time to be still and take opportunity of where the Lord has placed us in this season.
My husband and I love to serve and so badly want to be in full time ministry.  
Recently my eyes have opened to the fact that there are so many ways we can serve in multiple ministries at our home church.
 It doesn't have to be full time, it can really be however much we want or have time for. 
For awhile there I was kind of blind to the fact that I was placed in this season for a reason.
The Lord wants us to bear much fruit in every season of life.  
Psalm 1:3 (NIV) "That person is like a tree planted by the steams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers."

Sarah Markley said something that really stuck with me recently.
She said, "The fruit in this season is good fruit.  It may not be all that I'd dreamed but it is very, very good.  I think we are all familiar with how gratitude can change a heart and soul."

Oh how true that is.  
It gets me so excited for this season of life and all the fruit that is waiting to be harvested;
 my family, my business, serving at our church.  

Fall also brings cool weather and cool weather means its time to start building fires.
Last night we MADE time to cut firewood, see the cute calf, and even snag some fresh milk.

The in-laws are still deciding on her name.  
My vote is Blossom.

It is a good season and we plan on harvesting as much fruit as we can!
In every aspect of our life.


  1. I love this, what a beautiful reminder. And, I'm not much for animals but that calf is pretty pretty.


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