Summer is.....

Hours of unpacking, organizing, and cleaning have paid off because now we are free to enjoy our summer.  Here is a recap of the past two weeks in photos.

Spending time with cousins.

Holding my niece to get my baby fix since the hubby isn't ready for another just YET.

Snuggling with baby chicks at Grandma's house

Rewards after doing a swim lesson with Grandma and headed to the garden to pick raspberries.

Hanging out with our dog, we really missed him.

Getting dirt under my nails and planting flowers.

Lots and lots of flowers:)

A little late starting my garden so I went the simple inexpensive route and planted a couple veggies in 5 gallon buckets on our deck.

The days have been filled with sweet moments.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are.
Happy Summer Friends


  1. How did you cover the 5-gallon buckets? They look pretty!
    Abby Stanger


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