“Motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going.” — jim ryun

Skinny girl syndrome, yes I have it.  It's not fun and I do have to work to put on weight.  Instead of being self conscious about it or having one more person tell me I am too skinny (which is really annoying by the way, like I don't know this) I am doing everything in my power to add some muscle and weight. Plus I want to be healthy and around for a really long time.  I want to grow old with my husband and watch my kids have children of their own and so on.  So here's is what I have been adding to my daily routine since being back in this Spring Colorado weather;)

I have been trying to get my heart rate up by either running at a near by track or taking walks with my kiddos.

Morning workout routine.
I recently started my own work out routine with weights, push ups, sit ups, squats , ect.
There are lots of great workout routines on pinterest.

Nothing like the feeling of being sore.
Isn't weird how there is this odd pleasure in being sore the next day.

Adding a healthy smoothie in the middle of my day.
This week I have been able to soak up some Vitamin D outside while the kids play. During this soaking session I sip a "pick me up" out of my Poppy and Pearl Co. tumbler.  This smoothie has some hidden ingredients that I cant even taste such as: ALL ONE (a daily vitamin powder), spinach, and a raw egg.  The yogurt and berries disguise the not so tasty but healthy parts.

{ A Mint Cruiser }
  Yes we all recently acquired bikes in our family.  This is such a fun exercise and good way to hangout together. 
Isn't my bike just perfect?  Now to find a perfect basket to add to it's cuteness.

So I encourage you friends, what ever your reasoning may be: too skinny, a bit over weight, a health issue, or just the desire to be healthy and live a long happy life.  Go do it!
You won't regret it, I promise.


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