Weekend in the Mountains.

This weekend we made our way up to the mountains for a Winter Retreat.  The hubby was asked to lead worship for a junior high retreat and he was able to bring us along this time.  YEAH for family time and fellowship with little people.  It snowed the first night we were there and was absolutely beautiful when we woke up.  The weekend was refreshing and exhausting all at the same time, going anywhere with toddlers is always a bit more work but worth it:)

The kids enjoyed playing and being somewhere other than our home.

Lots and lots of worship.  It was awesome.

We ate a good amount of yummy food and I particularly enjoyed not cooking for a couple days  This was out side of the cafe.

Slide time.

The only downside to this activity is the hill back to the top was giant.  I guess it helped with all the food we ate.

The theme of the weekend was ONE WAY... JESUS.  Isn't that the truth!


  1. Amen , that is the truth ! Love the photo of your baby girl on the yellow creeper ! Too cute :)


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