More pre-school FUN.

Here is a little peek at what we have been up to for the first part of our week.  It is snowy and cold here so inside is where we stay.  I have been finding lots of fun preschool craft ideas on Pinterest.   I hope you enjoy some of our activities, feel free to try these with you kiddos:)

This first picture is from our fishing for numbers activity.  I chose to do numbers 10 - 20 because he is already great at recognizing 1 -10.  He would fish for the numbers I asked him to find.  I made the fish from felt with a magnet on the tail and another magnet on the end of the yarn fishing line.  He enjoyed this fishing game.

Ryden is really into science activities lately.  First it was the sink or float activity and today we moved on to magnetic or not magnetic.

Measuring the snow :)
A little math talk and season talk.

More math.  I numbered the bottom of this egg create and he had to count out the correct amount of buttons and then place in each slot.  This took him awhile;)

Letters.  He practiced writing letters in the salt.

This is the spot we created to do school.  He does some here and some of it on the kitchen table depending on our mood:)


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