Craft Crazy and a burlap seat.

Craft crazy would pretty much describe my living room and kitchen at the moment. I have a total of six craft projects going right now but have come to a screeching holt because I need Mr. Hubby man to help me with the finishing touches.  I mean, I am perfectly capable of hanging things and using tools on my own but it gets under his skin.  It just bothers him to see stuff hung on the wall not in a stud and he can't stand me using tools, that is his department:)   Anyways, he has agreed to help me this weekend:)  Yippee!!   I have decided to reveal one project which I was trying to hold off on posting because what I would call "the icing on the cake" isn't complete yet.  Here is a little preview of the spiced up music corner.  I hope to post the finished look this weekend.

This particular craft project was recovering the piano stool.  The cost = FREE and the labor took about 5 minutes.  I made my way over to a local coffee shop in hopes of purchasing some of their used coffee bean bags.  To my surprise they blessed me with about 10 for free:)  
The supplies used on this project were: a staple gun and staples, scissors, a screw driver, and a piece of burlap.  I unscrewed the legs and then covered and stapled the fabric to the bottom of the seat.
Simple as that.

I love burlap.  


  1. Looks great !! I just recovered four chairs yesterday :)

  2. I love recovering chairs and its so easy! Looks super cute friend! Sorry you won't be able to finish this weekend, but oh so happy you'll be home!!!


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