I LOVE......

With Valentines Day approaching I decided to do a post about the things I love. Here are my top 14 to go with the theme of Febuary 14th. Oh how the list could go on and on.

1. I love Jesus with my whole heart. I love the truth of His word and faithfulness.
2. I love my amazing husband who has been my sweet heart for almost 9 years now.
3. I love our two little children.
4. I love all of our family and friends.
5. I love our dog. Oh how I miss him.
6. I love how my kids call me Mommy.
7. I love worshipping our God through music.
8. I love church and bible studies.
9. I love white mochas.
10. I love eating healthy organic foods.
11. I love boots and pretty accessories.
12. I love decorating.
13. I love photography.
14. I love this life I have been blessed with.

Okay I may have cheated a bit by adding some "ands" but hey my heart is overflowing with Love.
What do you LOVE?


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