Home remedy.

Those little, red, itching spots known as the chicken pox can be quite an annoyance for our little ones.  My son handled them quite well but our little girl was a bit more uncomfortable.  In order to soothe her pain I have researched some natural home remedies.  Here are a few we did.

First get out some oatmeal.  Some resources say to cook it first and others say its fine to use uncooked.
Next place the oatmeal into a cloth bag or old sock, tie a knot on the top to keep the oatmeal contained.
Put it into the bath water and then squeeze out the milky water from the bag pouring over child's spots.  This helps soothe, dry up, and heal the spots. 

After taking you child out of the bath be sure to lather them up with some good coconut oil.  This too will help with scaring and healing.  We do this already after our daily baths.  If you are not using it for cooking as well you should start.  It has tons of great benefits.
See even pretend veggies like to be cooked in coconut oil:)

 The final thing we did was get out into the sunshine with little or no clothes depending on the temperature, in our own backyard of course.  Sunshine helps kill the virus and gives us our daily vitamin D.  

Lastly find fun crafts and projects to do since you will be home for at least two weeks. We have been making Valentines and doing fun science projects!


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