A sweet December day.

Today is Thursday December 1, 2011.  The temperature was quite brisk and the snow fell most of the day.  My little treasures and I enjoyed most our day inside together and ended the afternoon with Daddy.  Boots, hats, and gloves were layered on as we made our way out into the weather and headed for the church.  As we approached the giant church nestled at the base of those beautiful mountains, I couldn't help but have a happy heart.

The fog rested just below the mountain top and the snow decided to let up for a bit.
This place is gorgeous.

 Tonight is Thursday which means the hubby leads a little worship in the World Prayer Center. This is a facility that the church has open 24 hours a day and there is almost always someone praying and worshiping in there.

Thank you Lord for this amazing day with my family and your beauty that surrounds us! 
Your glory shines everywhere and I am so grateful for your love.

 Blessed beyond words to have this man as my husband and father of our children.

                               Love Apryle


  1. Apryle, you have such a sweet spirit in you! I love your posts...thank you for the awesome pictures!! I want to visit so bad...we are always finding your lead pastor's name in reviews of the books we read...haha, Paul says "look, that's where Apryle and Jason are." I know you miss it here, but just think, 30 years from now you'll pull that picture of the church from some old scrapbooking box and think, "I miss that place."


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