Holiday Sweets.

Who doesn't love Candy Canes?  They not only taste yummy but look oh so pretty as decorations too!

We were able to find some organic ones this year without high fructose corn syrup.  Yes they still have sugar but these are a once a year treat right. I LoVe the Holidays.

The kids had no complaints with turning that pretty decor into a tasty treat.  

 Okay here is the truth, the real reason we purchased these candy canes was to make a little peppermint bark.  It is probably one of my favorite holidays sweets.  It turned out delicious and was super easy to make.  I only used two ingredients; ghirardelli white chocolate and these candy canes. Whats your favorite Christmas goddie?


  1. That picture of Violet is just priceless!! She is like a little model!

    I have been trying to get into candy making, but just as I had all of my materials for brittle layed out, I dropped my candy thermometer on the floor and it shattered! I thought maybe I could cook it to the right temperature just by observing the texture but it didn't happen. Instead we have "stick-to-your-teeth," chewy, brittle. Anyway, I have purchased a new thermometer, and I'm giving this finicky brittle another shot!


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