Pottery barn meets thrift store.

Our drinking glasses are currently the Kerr mason jars but honestly I originally wanted the ones from Pottery Barn.  I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them and boy am I glad I didn't splurge on those pretty glasses.  While thrift store browsing the other day I scored five very similar ones for only $1.57.  This thriftiness just keeps getting better and better.  

Pottery Barn drinking glasses 6 for $24.00

Thrift store drinking glasses 5 for $1.57.
One is not photographed its currently being used.

I also scored this beauty for .79 cents.
 It was made in 1915.


  1. LOVE your finds!!! I adore the handled ones... i need some (thrifted too of course) : )

  2. I wish I ha a good thrift store near me . It's decent but not great . You really scored !! Love those mugs !! We use little jam jars from France for juice glasses :)


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