The favorite parts of my Thursday.

Most people would consider not having a vehicle or television complete torture.  I must admit the first week I experienced this it was indeed a little rough but now adjustments have taken place and I have really begun to appreciate the beauty behind it.  Instead of dwelling on not being able to hop in the car and drive to star-bucks, the thrift store, or on a play-date we have started our own routine at home... without Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Ryden has started preschool at home and is loving it.  Violet gets a restful morning nap while Ryden does school.  Housework it tended and laundry keeps moving instead of piling up.  Crafts keep our little hands busy and hearts happy.  Walks to the park get us outside to soak up the fresh air while providing us with our daily dose of Vitamin D.  Pages on books are being read as I sip on my homemade espresso coffee.  I have to share a little secret with you though I am kind of a big dork.  When I do get Starbucks I save my coffee cup and drink my homemade white mocha out of it, for some reason it just tastes better to me.  Weird I am I know, but these are the things that get us through our day and I am more than blessed to stay home sharing these precious moments with my little children.  

Sharing a vehicle and not having a TV has brought our family closer in a sense.  Our schedules and errands are now formed around each others agenda.   It has been challenging but really taught us how to give and take in order to meet the others needs.  Watching our favorite fall shows have been replaced with reading the bible together, doing homework, playing, or just talking about our day.  We do still have our apple addictions though so those of you who are reading this thinking WOW I will admit we still have our fall backs; apple technology of all sorts.  With all of that said I will now go on to show you some of the simple highlights to my Thursday.

These are the eyes I look into during our serious talks.  You know the make believe bear hunt talks.

Pushing my little love in the swing.



Homemade white mocha in Starbucks cup hehe.  This book is very encouraging.  I plan on passing it along to any fellow mother friends who would like to read it.


  1. Awww, love this so much. And by the way... your pictures are beautiful. Did somebody get a new camera?? ; )

  2. Thanks. We got the camera a few months back but I am finally taking it out of auto mode.

  3. Apryle, this is an absolutely beautiful and inspiring post! I must admit, I am a bit envious! It's amazing at home much a few simple changes can really change and increase your family dynamics! So happy for your sweet family!
    Jenn Radetich

  4. You are an inspiration Apryle. I have found myself lately thinking that I would like to have a TV free night at least once a week because I am seeing the block that it creates in our home. Even if we are watching TV together we are not talking. Thank you for all your encouragements and I would love to read the book when you are done!!!

  5. You got it Nicole I will pass it on to you.

  6. Apryle, I came over here to thank you for such encouraging words, but became very enamoured with your children and your photos! Yes, not having television or a vehicle does create a lot of time to do what we were intended to do as a family (although hulu certainly fills in a boring evening!), Project Runway is online as well. :-)

    I am so happy for your family and the journey you are on. Occasionally the Lord puts you on my heart and I pray against homesickness or loneliness. I am so happy for what the Lord has in store for your marriage and your relationship with your kiddos out of this. Somehow, being removed from Grammies and Papas, Aunties and Uncles creates a stronger foundation of your own personal family.

    I'll try to keep more updated on your blog, I would just love to keep updated on how you are doing!


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