A feminine twist for my hair.

Basically the only accessories I wear in my hair are plain bobby pins or the gorgeous creations from Maddie Lu's, you can visit her etsy site by clicking the following link http://www.etsy.com/shop/maddielulu?ref=top_trail.  In desire of a little something different I  headed to the hobby lobby wear I found some amazing buttons layered with delicate doilies. Now this DIY project took me ten minutes tops and I love how simple yet girly they turned out.  The needed supplies consisted of a hot glue gun, buttons, and some crafty bobby pins ready for accessories to be added to them.  Here is the little craft complete and how I wore it with my bangs twisted back.

Delicate doily buttons.
My usual twist of the bangs with a new accessory.

Blessings, Apryle


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