Design on a dime.

Violets room is looking very plain jane with only a crib and chair, kind of boring if you ask me.  All of her frilly decorations, curtains, and other furniture were left back in California when we decided to only bring the essentials.  I think I may attempt to give her room a little love especially since most of our time is spent at home and cute decor makes me happy.  To do this update on a  frugal budget I headed to the thrift store and found two fabrics happily waiting for me to repurpose them. These perfect finds only cost me .99 cents each.  The next order of business was sorting through my craft box and what did I find? A couple fabric hoops and lovely pieces of lace calling my name ......YES.  In the days to come we will be doing our normal routine which consists of pre-school, walks, the park, playing, and I am hoping to squeeze in some crafting with my soon to be designs on a dime.

Vintage meets flannel.

Plain room begging for some love.


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