Breakfast for Dinner.

It is a breakfast for dinner kind of night.  On the menu is soaked homemade english muffins, eggs, Applegate bacon, and Raw milk cheese. Put it all together and you get a delicious healthy egg sandwich. I'm not sure which part I am more excited about, the Raw Milk Cheese or the english muffins that turned out so plump.  You see my bread always comes out of the oven flat no matter what I do and for the first time in two years my english muffins rose so beautifully. As for the raw milk cheese  I am particularly stoked that there is still some sort of raw milk products available for consumption since real milk is illegal in Colorado. The recipe for the sourdough english muffins is one of my favorites and I am very thankful for the fellow friends who have passed it along. You can find the recipe at the following link labeled sour power along with some of health benefits from soaked/sour dough bread.

Some fresh homemade ginger-ale to wash it down.


  1. Nice work, my friend!! I love breakfast for dinner... I think the boys love it even more ;) keep up the posting- it's nice to stay in touch. Tell "J" that Chad and I both say hi. :D


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