Set out for an Adventure

So the letter has come and our family will soon very soon be setting out for a new Journey.  This particular journey is actually more of a giant adventure considering we are moving out of state in less than two weeks.  The hubby has been accepted to a school of worship and we have decided to step out in faith while steering towards the path the Lord has set before us.  The past week has been full of emotions from excited, sad, anxious, stressed, and throw in a couple kids who picked up colds but as this week comes to an end I see everything perfectly falling into place.

One thing is for sure I haven't seen my husband this excited in awhile. I guess there is just something really fulfilling in doing what you are passionate about while putting your whole heart, mind, and soul into it. So here is to a new season, journey, adventure, what ever we may call it. 

Thank you to all of our loved ones for the prayers, support, and encouragment. We love you all so very much. xoxoxox 


  1. I have to get better about following blogs...I am reading this LATE, obviously. But anyway, we are so proud of your family! Can't wait to see how God rocks your world! Yes, there is totally something exciting and freeing about just following God, and not knowing what the heck will happen, but you just keep marching on. He'll meet you guys every step of the way! -Summer K


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