Practicing Patience

The life of a three year old boy doesn't get much better than this. ........A giant concrete truck in his driveway, working with his Daddy and Papa, getting dirty, and getting to use sharp tools.  Plus his Mama is stoked as I am the queen of any kind of transformation when it comes to making something look a little more easy on the eyes. In this case it's our backyard.  It was a HAPPY day.

First things first, test the pump.

Roding it off.

Pushing buttons and sending the concrete through the pump.

Doing just what Papa does. Maybe gloves would have been a good idea buddy. Apple Cider Vinegar will do the trick the experts tell me.

Time to finish it.

The art of stamping concrete.

And the day ended with a perfect finish that is until it got a little too quiet and we wondered what that sweet three year old boy was up too.  No he couldn't be in the back could he? Yep walking across the finished concrete.....OPPS.  Good thing your Daddy does this on a regular basis and was able to fix it little man.  Lots of PATIENCE was practiced that day;)


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