Swim Lesson Basics

Today was the first day of Summer and boy was it hot. We were blessed enough the spend the day with friends at a local lake and then finish it up with some swim lessons. The past five days or so my kiddos and I have been pool hoping while Grammie works with them on their swimming skills. Ryden has made awesome progress; so much progress that I caught him saying " one, two, three, get a breath" as he pushed Violets dolly along the floor on her tummy.  It made my night to say the least. I will post  a few tips on how to work with your kiddos in the pool while swimming. These simple steps will train your kids to be a little more safe around pools or lakes. 
First start with something fun such as motorboat....
Have the child jump in to you but don't let them go under the first few times until they get comfortable.

Get the child's face in the water while holding your hands under his arm pits.  Say "ready go" Only put  their head in to about their ears.

As your are putting their face in count " one, two, three get a breath" and then bring them up.
Have the child practice wall crawling.

The wall crawl will teach them to get themselves out of DEEP situations if they are not strong enough to swim on their own yet or get too tired.

Practice floating on their back. Sing the ABCs.  Hold their backs and have them keep their chin up.  

Violets turn to put her face in. "Ready...go"

"One, two, three, get a breath." She is only one  but it is good to introduce them to getting their face wet young so they are not afraid. The bath is a good place to practice even if it's just gently pouring water over their heads.

These are just a few of the first basic Steps on swim lessons. I will post most more soon. It is important to keep working with our little ones whenever we are swimming:) HAPPY SUMMER


  1. Great steps! I am teaching "swim lessons" to the little babies also. It is never too early to get babies in the water and used to getting their face wet. Love it!!!

  2. Apryle do you know anyone around that teaches swim lessons to little ones? Brylie will be 2 in august but I'd love to get her started now

  3. Yes Sara. The local gymnastics has a great program. Patty is the teacher. I believe it is around 40$ or so for a week.


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