Cars themed Birthday

I am a little late posting Ryden's third Birthday Party but better late than never right.  We went with a cars themed party this year considering it's his favorite movie at the moment. The day of the party was a little disappointing as I had to call all of his friends and let them know that Violet woke up with a rash which appeared to be chicken pox. This resulted in a birthday with only adults and a few cousins but it was still a ton of fun.  The funny part to this story is when I took Violet to the doctor the next day he informed me her rash was from something she ate and would clear up within a day or two. Can you say FALSE ALARM...... oh well.  The cars in the pictures where homemade by the hubby and I. I got the idea from  with a DYI tutorial.  I LoVe homemade party decor, hope you enjoy some of the ideas.

Ready to race.
The winner gets the PISTON CUP.


Little Miss Violet enjoying herself.

Cake Pops. Thanks to two of my lovely friends;)

Car/Ryden banner now repurposed to his room.

Generous Remote control McQueen present.

Homemade Play-dough favors. Chalkboard paint for name labels on recycled jars and leftover fabric from the banner. Can you say CRAFTY AND CHEAP!


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