Diaper Rash Cure

If you have a baby I am sure he or she have experienced a diaper rash a time or two. A quick, natural, and cheap remedy is breast milk. Simply clean the babies bottom and next apply a little breast milk on the affected area, allow the milk to dry before putting the diaper back on.  This simple home remedy should cure the rash right up and can be repeated until the rash disappears.  Amazingly enough our MIRACLE MILK can also be used for many other things such as cracked nipples, sinus, eye, or ear infections. Breast-milk has natural antibodies which kill infection without the harmful side effects of synthetic antibiotics, and can be applied as often as necessary without risk of overdose. So next time your little one comes down with one of these uncomfortable rashes or ear infections try out this simple cure before running to the doctor for an antibiotic. Blessings to you and your little ones


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