Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our little Musician

Learning with Music

He is the little person on stage wearing green. Ryden is playing his guitar during his Daddy's worship practice.

A little tangas

Ryden and his cousin practicing the piano.

First drum set.

Playing with a stranger in the park to Jesus Loves me.
From a young age your child will shine through certain interests in their lives. With my son I have noticed from the newborn stage music soothed him, whether it was in the car or his Daddy singing him to sleep. As he grew into a toddler he was instantly interested in instruments and singing, lately I am realizing this will be a tool I can use to help him learn. This past weekend my sister in law was up and we discussed his recent interest in letters, the days of the week and telling time. She has a degree in teaching and therefore gave me a few helpful tips, one of them being singing catchy songs.  Yesterday I noticed little man singing the days of the week song and then asked me " Mommy what day is it?" I told him it was Wednesday and then he says "so tomorrow is Thursday?" Wow just a small catchy song and like that he knows the days of the week.  So what I am trying to get at is that every child is different and you have to find what works best for each child as an individual.  I have noticed one of Ryden's little friends who is the same age being very talented at drawing pictures. This is completely different from Ryden, he has no interest in drawing or coloring although I still try to encourage him to do so. For Ryden's little buddy art, pictures, and so on will probably help him learn. I think I have found ONE of the many tools for helping Ryden learn, try and find your child's nitch and make learning fun for them:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diaper Rash Cure

If you have a baby I am sure he or she have experienced a diaper rash a time or two. A quick, natural, and cheap remedy is breast milk. Simply clean the babies bottom and next apply a little breast milk on the affected area, allow the milk to dry before putting the diaper back on.  This simple home remedy should cure the rash right up and can be repeated until the rash disappears.  Amazingly enough our MIRACLE MILK can also be used for many other things such as cracked nipples, sinus, eye, or ear infections. Breast-milk has natural antibodies which kill infection without the harmful side effects of synthetic antibiotics, and can be applied as often as necessary without risk of overdose. So next time your little one comes down with one of these uncomfortable rashes or ear infections try out this simple cure before running to the doctor for an antibiotic. Blessings to you and your little ones

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our little girl is ONE.

It is crazy how time seems to fly by so quickly once you become a parent. I remember as a child always being eager for the future and the next age. Now as an adult I wouldn't mind for time to just slow down a little bit. This past year you have brought us much joy Violet,  we have watched you grow and God's love shine through you. I'm feel so blessed and honored to be able to raise you. You are truly a treasure from above. Love you always Little Miss Violet.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Sweet girl!

Having some birthday fun.
Loves her sock baby.

So sweet

Below are some of the hand made decorations made with things I had around the house: fabric, scrap-book paper, chalk board paint, mason jars for flowers, and ribbon for the wands. This was a fun, girly party.