7 Months and counting.

I always said with Ryden that 7 months was one of my favorite ages while watching him grow. I kind of forgot why this was my favorite month and as Violet turned 7 months I am reminded. For some reason both of my children learn, change, and interact so much at this age. Violet can finally say her first word and guess what it is????? Dada. All day long even when he is not around the sweet word Dada Dada Dada is used. While saying her new favorite word she scoots around the house trying to crawl, time for the baby gate again. Accompanying the crawling is her first tooth and lots of sleepless nights but a tooth is always exciting.  As her teeth decide to come in she gets more and more interested in food. Last night as I prepared dinner she took part in a nice fresh avocado as I was chopping it for the salad. This morning my breakfast was some fresh healthy eggs from a loving source; Violet is always in the bumbo as I cook the meals and is starting to be my little taste tester.  Bright orange egg yolks from my over easy egg covered her face this morning. And finally her new trick of the month is clapping, mostly at her brother who she never takes her eyes off of. Jezz little Violet you are growing before my eyes and I am amazed by you. I love you so much and your sweet little spirit.


  1. Oh, sweet little Violet, Grammie loves seeing you eat that healthy, wonderful food! I can't wait to snuggle with you and play with you tomorrow.


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