the word "nurse" means "nourisher" in the Greek.

As I hold Violet in my arms and nurse her to sleep I cherish the moments more and more. Lately I have realized this is one of the rewarding things God has called me to do; be a Mommy. The Lord has put a role upon me to be The Nurturer, The Nourisher, and The Nest builder of our home. I feel it is my duty to keep my family healthy and do everything in power to provide them with healthy nourishing foods.  Violet is my second and I am a little different now than I was with Ryden. 

You see with Ryden my pregnancy wasn't exactly easy which is a whole other story in its self, but because of that hard pregnancy I did Violet a lot different and got tons of different results. When I say different I mean the way I eat now and how I ate during Violet's pregnancy. My diet was made up of whole foods all of which were organic plus the big one (cod liver oil combined with raw butter oil). I found many helpful things in the book Healing our Children, I can honestly say it changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes.

Now that Violet is here I have continued to study what and when I should be feeding her. She is six months old and I continually get asked  "is she is eating solids yet or rice cereal?" Well the answer to that question is no. Yes I realize I can be giving her rice cereal and other foods but from doing my homework the most nourishing food I can give her is breast milk. That is all a baby needs until the are a year old or longer, that is how God intended it. The doctors recommend rice cereal as the babies first foods only because it is bland. As I have researched it I have found that it is actually one of the worst foods we can give our infant. Rice cereal is a type of grain, one of the hardest foods for our bodies to break down. Violet's digestive system isn't even fully developed until she is a year why are we being told to give them something that is going to make their little bodies work so hard to digest?  Yes Violet has sucked on a banana here and there but for the most part it's my milk.  As she gets older or goes through growth sperts she will be more demanding in her nursing. That is only because she needs more milk and in order for my body to produce more milk she eats more until the demand is supplied.  Violet will be introduced to foods but they will be whole, organic, nourishing foods. I find it so interesting researching stuff like this and it is my duty to keep my family healthy. Another uplifting website which truly touched me was 
www.Above The breastfeeding articles are awesome. Check them out.

I hope this helps some of you or any of you that may read this.  I encourage everyone to do a little of their own homework. Its amazing what we can find in books and on the internet these days. Happy nursing, bonding, healthy living.


  1. Ryden and Violet are lucky to have such a wonderful Mama. We are all blessed to have you in our lives.


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