No sew flower girl dress.

If there is one thing I wished I knew how to do it would be to sew. My grandmother gave me her sewing machine and now the challange is learning how to sew while putting use to that dusty kenmore. So in the mean time the glue gun and paint will be my best friend when it comes to Do it you self projects. The project I did this evening included some tulle, ribbon, fancy ribbon with flowers, elastic, and my new best friend; the hot glue gun. We have a love hate relationship, I can do almost anything I need to with him but he often leaves some nice little burns on my figures. You would think my finger tips would be use to hot things by now considering  my two recent jobs were carrying hot plates and using curling irons and flat irons. Oh no that glue hit my figure tips and I bite my lip while jumping up and down until it cools. Some day I wont have to deal with this because I swear I'm going to sew sooner than later.

The project we did tonight, the glue gun and I, was a trial run for a tutu flower girl dress. In a week an a half my sweet little family will be vacationing in Maui while some of our good friends get married there. Myself, husband, and son are all in the wedding while my daughter is not officially in it due to her age. The bride doesn't have a flower girl and probaby would have asked my daughhter but you see she is only three months old. Anyways the bride was thinking of having her wear a onsie and tutu, I decided to try and make a tutu flower girl dress. It turned out okay but is a little see through, we don't have many fabric options here in our small town so ivory is the only coordinating color I could find. For my first try I think it turned out okay besides the see through part. I may or may not put her in this but it was a fun project for my Friday evening:) I would have taken a picture of her in it but she is already asleep. Happy weekend all!


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