Four Years and Counting!

This picture was taken a little over four years ago, it was the night "My babe" asked me to marry him. That's right we are covered in mud and it's totally us. He took me up on his quad (back when I use to ride on the back of him) and we watched the sunset. It was Valentines day 2006 and he got on one knee, after asking my Dad's permission to have my hand in marriage. It was a pretty awesome being to a happy life to say the least.
That following summer is when I truly asked Jesus into my heart. As you can see this isn't the usual baptism in the church but once again this is us. The baptism took place at my in laws house with our Pastor and all the elders and wives gathered round. I really love this memory and the new beginning it created.No more riding on the back of you babe. A 2006 450 is now what I get to ride. I guess you can't be part of his Family and not have a bike. Thanks for the awesome gift wonderful in-laws. This will be part of many great family vacations.

"You may kiss the bride" or "kiss her" I forget how my father in law said it but this was the moment we became husband and wife. And for a little while it was just the two of us "honey and babe." That moment of just the two of us didn't last long though......Now Honey and Babe have created a family and are blessed with two beautiful babies. Thank you for the past four loving years of marriage BABE. On Thursday is our anniversary and I want you to know I couldn't have wished for a better husband and father to my children. I love you!!!!! Here's to many more amazing memories.


  1. Apryle- I'm going to try to keep up with your blog, and start one myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I love your anniversary entry, that was so sweet. You and Jason are so perfect for one another, I had no idea you had your own bike. What a cool Mom you are!!!


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