The past week my sister in law and I have been making use of all the hard work our family has put into the garden. It has been many months of getting the garden ready over at a "step of health" but it is finally paying off. The first part of the week we made what we thought was a big batch of salsa but to our surprise that was nothing compared to Thursdays project. My mother in law picked a huge bunch of tomatoes. We were trying to figure out how many pounds this would have been; we were thinking anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds of tomatoes. Next time we are going to weigh them before we make use of them just for the fun of it.

The work started at 11:00 after my sister in law was done teaching school to her younger brother. This was our first time canning and we had some interesting distractions along the way one of them being a small stove top fire with lots of salt to put it out. Going into this blind we luckily had the help of our Aunt and Mother who popped in and out to give us tips and steer us in the right direction. The result was 12 cans of tomato sauce and a crazy 5 gallons of salsa. Let me tell you I was in AHAHHHHH when we figured the salsa had come out to 5 gallons. We finished up at about 6:30 with lots of nourishing foods and a very dirty kitchen. Next week's project will probably be ketchup and pesto.

Thank you Lord for providing us with this amazing food. We are doing what we can to use our resources to the best of our ability and let no food go to waste. While trying to be obedient to the Lord I see his blessings just as he has promised.

"Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground and the increase of your herds, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks." Deuteronomy 28:4


  1. It was so fun. Working with you and figuring out this whole this is very fun and becomes an adventure ;) By the way the tomatoes are already overwhelming on the plants so we might have to do something with them this week again :)

  2. Where has our week gone? Now we are going to have to wait until you guys get back. What am I going to do next week?:)


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