Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer is.....

Hours of unpacking, organizing, and cleaning have paid off because now we are free to enjoy our summer.  Here is a recap of the past two weeks in photos.

Spending time with cousins.

Holding my niece to get my baby fix since the hubby isn't ready for another just YET.

Snuggling with baby chicks at Grandma's house

Rewards after doing a swim lesson with Grandma and headed to the garden to pick raspberries.

Hanging out with our dog, we really missed him.

Getting dirt under my nails and planting flowers.

Lots and lots of flowers:)

A little late starting my garden so I went the simple inexpensive route and planted a couple veggies in 5 gallon buckets on our deck.

The days have been filled with sweet moments.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are.
Happy Summer Friends

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We are HOME

We are HOME.
  It has been a bit of a whirl wind the past three weeks.  Jason graduated from New Life School of Worship June 2nd and the following day we were packed and on the road back to California.  The hubby had enough time to help unload the trailer, head to work the next day, and then hop on a plane and fly to Michigan.  He had been offered a Worship Pastor position back there and was headed back for a second time to lead worship and be introduced to the congregation. The church and people we met through the process were absolutely amazing.  I will have to say this decision was by far the toughest one my husband and I have ever had to make.  Would we pack up our family and settle in Michigan for a job that seemed nothing but perfect or would we try and stay a little closer to family and have faith that Lord would lead us to another opportunity in Worship Ministry.  Well with a lot of prayer, sleepless nights, and faith in the Lord we decided to turn down the job.  It was sad for both of us but we felt complete peace with our decision.  I know that He has the perfect plan for our family:)

The past year has been such an amazing experience for our family.  We grew tremendously in our walk with the Lord, had lots of hard moments that only made us stronger, and gained new friendships that will be life long.  ( Im already missing those friendships)

Congratulations to my husband for furthering your education in what the Lord has stirred in your heart.
You went out on the limb and fruit is ready to be harvested.

  Family, friends, our doggy, church, and our home have never felt oh so good.
Life is good.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Just happy.


Babe, son, sister!
You guys fill my heart with so much Joy.
I am blessed to have such a sweet lil family to love on and be a Wife and Mommy to.
Happy Heart = Happy Apryle.