Friday, February 8, 2013

A new year & a new season

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." C.S. Lewis

Big changes have taken place around our home.
First on the list is the exciting news that my hubby accepted a part time job at our home church.  Over the past 6 months he has been interviewing all over the United States for a full time Worship Pastor position.  It looks like God has other plans because he ended up taking a part time position as a Pastoral Assistant here in our home town.  I think the job is very fitting as he is able to use some of his other gifts in leadership, communication, teaching, and discipleship. To compensate some of our other income needs he has been using his construction skills on the side.  
I am so thankful for him and willingness to work so hard for our family.

The second change is I have gone back to work at a local restaurant one or two nights a week to help out as well.  Not exactly what I pictured myself doing at 30 but I am grateful for the work and realize this is just a season until he is able to get a full time job.  I personally love being a homemaker, doing photography on the side, and being on committees while serving at the church;)  Oh wait I am still doing all those things.
I need to remember balance as I have added extra work into my life, this is a good time to learn and grow.

We are so excited for 2013 as the Lord uses us in unexpected ways.