Thursday, April 4, 2013

He turned 5.

Ryden turned 5.  By far the hardest age for me yet, it just seems so old.  I know 16 and 18 will be even harder but for now I will deal with the fact that my first born is old enough to start school in 5 short months ( sigh ). And that leads me to my next dilema I have been praying over and thinking about the past few weeks, school.  I have narrowed it down to homeschool or a private christian school.  I know either decision will work fine for our family it is just making that decision.  I am happily holding on to all the encouragement I have received on this subject.

In the mean time Ryden will be spending his days riding his new dirt-bike (new to him).  We got rid of one just to get another.  How does that happen?

For his birthday he requested a race with his cousins.  No big party which was fine with me as his birthday was right before the busy weekend of Easter.

Happy 5th Birthday son.  Mommy and Daddy are so blessed at the young fella you are turning into