Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our little dancer

Violets favorite thing to do as of lately is dance!
All day long you can find her dancing around the house,
 in the mirror,
 in the car,
 at church,
at the library, 
at soccer practice.
Just about everywhere she goes.

She is still a little young for dance class
but not too young for gymnastics.
Violet recently joined her first gymnastics class.
She absolutely loves it.

Violet age 2 1/2 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Excited for FALL

Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie,
who IS ready holler I.

Me me me.
I am ready for fall.
There is just something about a new season that is so exciting.
I love all of the seasons each unique in their own way.
Some of my favorite things about fall are: the color of the leaves, boots and cozy sweaters, apples, pumpkins, high school football games, the smell of rain, soups, and snuggling up under a soft blanket on the couch.

Last night we made a trip up to my in-laws to drop off the tractor.
Violet and I used this opportunity and made our way to the pasture to pick some delicious crisp apples.
The previous week I was able to pick apples and make some yummy applesauce.
This week I am thinking apple pie should be on the menu.

What a perfect fall photo shoot, in an apple orchard.
mmmmmmmm, any takers?

Are these apples not gorgeous?

And oh so crisp and delicious.
Nothing like an apple right off the tree.

My going out to dinner outfit actually served as the perfect apple picking shirt.
Cute and logical, that never happens;)

The evening ended with the view of another beautiful sunset.

Cheers to new SEASONS.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A friend forever

These kiddos have become the best of friends over the past two months.
They play together, laugh together, even sleep in the same bed.
My husband came home a few weeks ago and noticed them quietly occupying themselves in the other room.  He asked, "Do they do this all the time?"  I replied, "Um yes as of recently."  
People always said this day would come, when it would get easier and they would start playing together. 
 It is such a sweet bond that melts my heart. 
 The way Ryden takes care of Violet and how Violet looks up to her big brother.
I just love how they hold hands, which probably will only be a short phase. 
 In the mean time I'm choosing to soak it in and document it while I can.

He is the older brother in charge, she doesn't seem to mind.

A sibling is a friend for life.

"Go Ry Ry go." Claps Violet. Violet is Ryden's biggest fan, well maybe.  I am a pretty big fan myself.
I love how she calls him Ry Ry.

"Sister, please hold my hand
Because without you I can't stand
For we were put on this earth for a reason
To go through every good and bad season.."

                                                        Author unknown

I love you sister and brother
Love Mommy.